Death Grips show up fashionably late to 2013, make a few vague excuses and hopefully realistic promises [News Article]

múm unveil new album <i>Smilewound</i>, may or may not be plotting to cut you [News Article]

Jane Jane - The Education of my Rubber Dolly [Cerberus]

Goblin bringing giallo and prog rock to the US for the first time, Death Waltz Recording Company putting out an EP to mark the occasion [News Article]

Jay-Z set to release new album <i>Magna Carta Holy Grail</i>, shoe-in for this year's “confusing mixed metaphor album title” award [News Article]

Still Life Still announce new album <i>Mourning Trance</i> on Arts & Crafts, possibly planning extremely polite pop invasion [News Article]

Lustmord to release a new album on Blackest Ever Black July 8 a.k.a. the latest apocalypse [News Article]

Nine Inch Nails have arrived again, older and now without teeth; Godspeed You! Black Emperor and <em>Friday Night Lights</em> house band to open on tour [News Article]

Mexican Summer to release Travis Bretzer’s <i>Making Love</i> EP, gives you the best rash ever [News Article]

Ensemble Economique to release <i>Fever Logic</i> on Not Not Fun, advances one step closer to dream of melting listeners into puddles of pure emotion [News Article]

SPF420 and Saint Pepsi's New Generation collective mate, unveil horrific/beautiful offspring via Tinychat webcast [News Article]

Placebo announce <i>Loud Like Love</i>, massive European tour, neighbors continue banging on the wall for them to keep it down [News Article]

Grumbling Fur to release <i>Glynnaestra</i> on Thrill Jockey, proving that fur is always fashionable [News Article]

Mood Rings show how in touch they are with your feelings by putting out a new album on Mexican Summer [News Article]

Raspberry Bulbs releasing new album on Blackest Ever Black, arguments ensue among genrefication obsessesives [News Article]

Mutek 2013 is coming, thousands prepare for yearly pilgrimage to Montreal [News Article]

Groundislava is bringing along oOoOO on a US ToOoOOur, releasing a remix EP to kick it oOoOOff [News Article]

Waxwork Records to re-release the horrific <i>Re-Animator</i> soundtrack on vinyl; we are being spoiled rotten [News Article]

High Wolf to release new album <em>Kairos: Chronos</em> on Not Not Fun, time to admit canis lupus has taken over the year [News Article]

Boyd Rice and Cold Cave announce tour; maybe they'll change things up this time and wear Hawaiian shirts? [News Article]


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