Boyd Rice and Cold Cave announce tour; maybe they'll change things up this time and wear Hawaiian shirts? [News Article]

Clay Rendering [Chocolate Grinder]

Raster Noton expands their catalogue of minimalist, computer-based rhythms with Aoki Takamasa’s <i>RV8</i> [News Article]

Your town will get weirder when Pere Ubu come through this fall, fair warning [News Article]

Northern Spy to release premier album of jazz-weirdness quintet Black Host, a valiant attempt to make improv jazz slightly more accessible [News Article]

Goblin to play live soundtrack to Dario Argento's <em>Suspiria</em> at the Housecore Horror Film Festival, attend and prove yourself the Gothiest of your friends! [News Article]

Godspeed You! Black Emperor announce more 2013 tourdates, everyone’s day gets a little bit better [News Article]

By the powers of SPF420 and Fortune500 combined, there is the Fortune 420 vaporwave concert, just a button-click away [News Article]

Mykki Blanco reveals new EP, enormous tour, plans for world domination (last one already accomplished) [News Article]

Public Information releases ready-to-be-enshrined <em>Interpretations on F.C. Judd</em> remix album w/ help from Holly Herndon, Leyland Kirby, and more [News Article]

Butterclock tours with Maria Minerva, does her best to make surrealists, cooks, and electro fans all happy [News Article]

Editions Mego prepares new album <em>Gridshifter</em> from Innode, shows blatant disregard for the balance of my bank account [News Article]

Soundway Records putting out compilation of obscure East African recordings, <i>Kenya Special</i>, edutainment never sounded so good [News Article]

Dominick Fernow and Nico Vascellari announce Three Days of Struggle 6 noise festival, funeral arrangements for what is left of your hearing [News Article]

Light in The Attic to reissue Public Image Ltd's <em>First Issue</em>, do a pretty good job of actually making a re-release interesting [News Article]

Robedoor releasing new album <em>Primal Sphere</em> on Hands in the Dark, attempting an apocalypse do-over [News Article]

Pharmakon and Sacred Bones team up to bring fear, pain, and suffering to your ears on <em>Abandon</em>, because you deserve it [News Article]

Strut Records re-releasing rare, trippy Italian library LP <em>Desert</em>; 4/20 release date not a coincidence [News Article]

Sigur Rós experiment with feeling angry, bring that anger to a new record and a town near you [News Article]

Cindytalk prep a new album for Editions Mego, continue attempts to press actual madness to vinyl [News Article]