Mykki Blanco reveals new EP, enormous tour, plans for world domination (last one already accomplished) [News Article]

Public Information releases ready-to-be-enshrined Interpretations on F.C. Judd remix album w/ help from Holly Herndon, Leyland Kirby, and more [News Article]

Butterclock tours with Maria Minerva, does her best to make surrealists, cooks, and electro fans all happy [News Article]

Editions Mego prepares new album Gridshifter from Innode, shows blatant disregard for the balance of my bank account [News Article]

Soundway Records putting out compilation of obscure East African recordings, Kenya Special, edutainment never sounded so good [News Article]

Dominick Fernow and Nico Vascellari announce Three Days of Struggle 6 noise festival, funeral arrangements for what is left of your hearing [News Article]

Light in The Attic to reissue Public Image Ltd's First Issue, do a pretty good job of actually making a re-release interesting [News Article]

Robedoor releasing new album Primal Sphere on Hands in the Dark, attempting an apocalypse do-over [News Article]

Pharmakon and Sacred Bones team up to bring fear, pain, and suffering to your ears on Abandon, because you deserve it [News Article]

Strut Records re-releasing rare, trippy Italian library LP Desert; 4/20 release date not a coincidence [News Article]

Sigur Rós experiment with feeling angry, bring that anger to a new record and a town near you [News Article]

Cindytalk prep a new album for Editions Mego, continue attempts to press actual madness to vinyl [News Article]

HoZac announces this year's massive Blackout Fest, annual barometer for how out-of-touch you are [News Article]

All Tomorrow’s Parties takes its annual Halloween party to Australia; Melbourne gears up for black-eyeliner crisis [News Article]

One of John Coltrane’s saxophones is up for auction; eventual owner needs to look into viability of cloning from saliva [News Article]

Svarte Greiner is putting out a new album on Miasmah, attempting to give you frostbite in spring [News Article]

Prostitutes putting out a new album on Digitalis, because their regular clients have been cheap as hell lately [News Article]

Daniel Menche putting out a new album on Editions Mego, determined to keep experimental music cool [News Article]

Killer Mike is opening for Big Boi on an extensive US tour and you literally have no good excuse not to be there [News Article]

Dustin Wong and Takako Minekawa collaborate on woefully cat-less album Toropical Circle [News Article]