RIP: Isaac Hayes Dead at 65 [News Article]

RIP: Tasman Blizzard, The Meanies [News Article]

RIP: Erik Darling of The Weavers [News Article]

RIP: Robert Hazard, New Wave musician and songwriter [News Article]

RIP: Khia Edgerton, the “Club Queen K-Swift” [News Article]

RIP: Ann Spencer Gates, Radio Show Host, Matador Publicist [News Article]

RIP: Natasha Shneider, ex-Queens of the Stone Age, Eleven [News Article]

RIP: Noel Sayre, The Black Swans Violinist [News Article]

RIP: Useless Wooden Toys Singer Stabbed to Death After Defending Woman [News Article]

RIP: Bo Diddley Dies at 79 Due to Heart Failure [News Article]

RIP: Definitive Jux Artist Camu Tao Dies At 30 Due to Lung Cancer [News Article]

RIP: Klaus Dinger, Co-Founder of Neu! And Drummer of Kraftwerk, Dies at 61 [News Article]

RIP: Mikey Dread, Reggae Artist/The Clash Producer, Dies at 54 [News Article]

RIP: Buddy Miles, Band Of Gypsys Drummer, Dies at 60 [News Article]

RIP: Joe Gibbs Dies of Heart Attack, Age 65 [News Article]

RIP: Oscar Peterson Dies of Kidney Failure [News Article]

Radiohead's In Rainbows To Be Released on TBD Records/ATO Recordings [News Article]

The Decemberists Cancel "The Long and Short of It" Tour [News Article]

Stylus Magazine: 2002-2007 [News Article]

Kevin Barnes Ain't Got Nothin' on Rammstein's Two-Disc DVD Release [News Article]


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