J. Rocc drops Some Cold Rock Stuf on your lumpy head, flees to Japan and Europe for tour [News Article]

Musicians continue to rally for Japan relief with benefit concerts, compilations, and other incentives [News Article]

Pink Reason release sophomore LP on Siltbreeze, tour Europe, show off their assets [News Article]

Soundset Festival lineup announced for May: Big Boi, De La Soul, Atmosphere, Curren$y, and DJ Passion Play (this last one I made up) [News Article]

Group Doueh mercilessly announce new album Zayna Jumma, effectively bankrupting Sublime Frequencies fans [News Article]

Microsoft reportedly discontinues the Zune; in music devices as in life, all your squirts were in vain [News Article]

Kraftwerk release "interactive 24-hour music generator" iPhone/iPad app; Florian Schneider must be one angry bird [News Article]

Neil Hamburger and Tim Heidecker offer rare recordings in exchange for donations to Japan tsunami relief [News Article]

'Anonymous' hacker group attacks BMI website over file-sharing stance, BMI retaliates by leaking their debut album Hack'n & Sack'n [News Article]

Will Oldham and Elisa Ambrogio embark on audiobook tour, with music by Ben Chasny to keep everyone awake [News Article]

Millions of teenage girls let out Wilhelm screams as James Blake announces world tour [News Article]

Ben Gibbard finally covers GG Allin for WFMU benefit compilation, alongside Ted Leo, Ty Segall, The Mountain Goats, and other nice depraved guys [News Article]

Mi Ami tour the US in March, Europe in April, and scrapbook the memories in May [News Article]

Bill Callahan shares a few details on the coming Apocalypse; there will be weeping, gnashing of teeth, and slide guitar [News Article]

Psychedelic Horseshit sign to FatCat, prep new album for May, give away latest tape — but will they ever be as chill as Best Coast? [News Article]

The Decemberists announce second leg of US tour; April to be a month of sun-fleck'd bonhomie 'midst the hoarfrost [News Article]

Kurt Vile of Philly Signs with Matador of New York, Declares Self "The White Jay-Z" on Controversial [News Article]

Watch Ticketmaster/Live Nation Senate Hearing TODAY (Provided You Have a Computer and Pinstripe Suit [News Article]

twlghtsd.doc [News Article]

Jamie Lidell To Pay Musical Tribute To The Late Jim Varney On New Album [News Article]