Emeralds' Mark McGuire no longer a member of Emeralds [News Article]

Hype Williams [Chocolate Grinder]

Dracula Lewis asks you to bounce to the beat of your own bleakness on new Permafrost 12-inch [News Article]

Godspeed You! Black Emperor announce first new album in a decade; god bless us, every one [News Article]

Animal Collective prep new "Applesauce" single on 10-inch viiiieeewhaaa!?! Scott Walker released details on a new album last night?? [News Article]

Emeralds quartz new listeners with long-awaited Editions Mego album of a vitreous lustre [News Article]

John Fahey's Revenant label starting up production again; expect a bitter turf war with Dust-to-Digital [News Article]

Animal Collective start up new radio show with curated mixes from the band, Black Dice, Sublime Frequencies, and conservative talk radio stars [News Article]

Deerhoof suffer crippling ennui after defeating evil, announce new album Breakup Song for September and depressing fall tour [News Article]

Skrillex to score Harmony Korine's next film Spring Breakers :D :D :D [News Article]

Tom Carter hospitalized while on European Charalambides tour, needs donations for medical expenses [News Article]

Sic Alps announce new album for September; it's called Sic Alps because they've already titled too much stuff recently [News Article]

Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland [Chocolate Grinder]

Animal Collective announce world tour; band documentary Madagascar 3 doing well in box office [News Article]

Ariel Pink reveals new Haunted Graffiti album Mature Themes, first single "Baby", newly manscaped beach bod [News Article]

Oneohtrix Point Never releasing EP of Replica remixes and collaborative reworkings by Richard Youngs, Matmos, Limpe Fuchs, and NOT Rudolf Eb.er (lame) [News Article]

Dirty Projectors add European tourdates after a premonition Longstreth had last night that his band would still be really popular in October. [News Article]

Spectre Folk (Pete of Magik Markers) whooshes through your neckbeard this July with a new album on Steve Shelley's new label [News Article]

Constellation readies second Musique Fragile box set: Pacha, Kanada 70, and Tony "Dr. Drone Ph.D" Conrad [News Article]

John Maus collects rarities and previously unreleased material for A Collection of Rarities and Previously Unreleased Material [News Article]