Can fans, hold hands: Mute releasing triple-CD The Lost Tapes in June, all unearthed material from 1968-1977 [News Article]

The Smashing Pumpkins set June release date for album-within-an-album-within-a-decade-long-joke Oceania [News Article]

Sigur Rós announce new album Valtari for May, prompting investigations into whale-blubber vinyl production facilities [News Article]

Blues Control bequeathing new Valley Tangents album unto Drag City in June, touring Europe w/ Laraaji [News Article]

My Bloody Valentine bedazzle the sonic womb that birthed them, reissue remastered and expanded back catalog [News Article]

Simian Mobile Disco release new album Unpatterns on May 15 and WE'VE got an exclusive fake video [News Article]

Noveller readying double LP of limited ARTIFACT material, needs your greenest money for commissioned project [News Article]

The Flaming Lips reveal 2LP Record Store Day comp of collabs with Nick Cave, Bon Iver, Erykah Badu, Ke$ha, Chris Martin; still no Susan Boyle [News Article]

Joanna Newsom gives away brand new song!! (New to us; it was recorded when she was 17) [News Article]

Animal Collective releasing Record Store Day 12-inch of Transverse Temporal Gyrus material [News Article]

Swans nearly finished recording The Seer double album: "complete synthesis of everything [...] Swans has done" [News Article]

Sean McCann's Recital label busts a fat "new modern classical" nut with albums by Radiant Husk and Troy Schafer [News Article]

Radiohead add May/June East Coast and Canada dates to their whistle stop train tour [News Article]

Grandaddy reunite for limited shows; glass dishes of Werther's Originals to be distributed at each venue [News Article]

Kurt Vile, Ted Leo, Patrick Stickles, and Gary The Squirrel urge you to pledge to WFMU's annual fundraiser TONIGHT [News Article]

Mount Eerie follows through on promise to "make it rain on them hoes" by announcing TWO new full-lengths [News Article]

Pulse Emitter and Panabrite release albums through Aguirre Records on Tuesday; let's blow through this weekend fast! [News Article]

Death Grips planning two full-lengths for 2012; first album set for April release! Mmm... grips. [News Article]

Metallica announce their own two-day festival in Atlantic City and put Liturgy on the bill just to see how mad real metal dudes get [News Article]

Neil Young officially confirms TWO new albums with Crazy Horse; fuck yeah fuck yeah fuck yeah fuck yeah fuck yeah [News Article]


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