Amen Dunes releasing second LP Through Donkey Jaw in August; let someone else's anxiety supplant your own! [News Article]

Das Racist releasing debut album Relax in September, the least tolerant month of the year [News Article]

Ende Tymes Festival set for this weekend, with Phill Niblock, GX Jupitter-Larsen, C. Spencer Yeh, and delicious Country Time Lemonade [News Article]

John Fahey's earliest recordings excavated for 5CD set; this news is too exciting to undermine with a dirty joke about "fingerpicking" [News Article]

The Music Tapes offer new EP now, two full-lengths later, and free rides for toddlers on the giant metronome always [News Article]

Wu-Tang Clan dropping Legendary Weapons next month, the most hotly-anticipated project since U-God's Mr. Xcitement [News Article]

Radiohead plan King of Limbs remix 12-inch series; I'm confused... wasn't "Codex" already a Coldplay remix? [News Article]

Matmos' Drew Daniel curates Art & Politics conference with Matthew Barney, Kode9, and not Mike Huckabee [News Article]

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy preps art book/10-inch with painter Ashley Macomber, because three 10-inches in one year is not enough [News Article]

Touch offering Sohrab fundraising single to prevent his impending arrest in Iran [News Article]

The Dismemberment Plan releasing live LP in June; The Pixies speak out against such an obvious cash-grab [News Article]

Angus MacLise (ex-Velvet Underground) gets rare albums reissued and a retrospective; still no love for Squeeze [News Article]

Björk debuts Biophilia website, ushering in Web 3.0 [News Article]

The Flaming Lips to collaborate with Panda Bear... OH MY GAWD!!! [News Article]

Warner Music Group bought by Russian billionaire for $3.3 billion at the insistence of his Paramore-loving granddaughter [News Article]

James Ferraro readies new album Far Side Virtual with bonus Time Warner/700 Club creatine body spray [News Article]

Loren Connors, Sic Alps, Amen Dunes, Steven R. Smith, and many others contribute to Japan benefit comp [News Article]

Jeff Mangum eats falafel sandwich, writes music for Robert Schneider and Robert Beatty to perform using their brains [News Article]

Oneida unveil final album in Thank Your Parents trilogy, mom and dad hesitantly appreciative though still concerned [News Article]

Fiery Furnaces' Eleanor Friedberger to release solo LP on Merge, arranged by a special commission of Navajo basketball coaches and blonde ladies [News Article]


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