Russell Walker & Dan Melchior - Walker/Melchior [Cerberus]

Plains Druid - Blue Eleven [Cerberus]

Plains - Stone Cloud [Cerberus]

Yom San - Playa Piano [Cerberus]

Dura - Silver / Lawns [Cerberus]

Scammers - Cover You [Cerberus]

Alosi Den - Live from the School of Disembodied Poetics [Cerberus]

Colour Bük - Coming to Get the Stuff [Cerberus]

Ice Orgy - 2 [Cerberus]

Matthew Dotson - Sublimation [Cerberus]

Yves Malone - Three Movies [Cerberus]

Geoff - Liberated Atheist [Cerberus]

The Brainstems - Cold Sweatin' [Cerberus]

Obsolete Future [Chocolate Grinder]

Final Cop [Chocolate Grinder]

AJ Woods - AJ Woods [Cerberus]

Clip Art [Chocolate Grinder]

Sparkling Wide Pressure - Press the Reverse and Give Me the Tape [Cerberus]

Thug Entrancer [Features]

Ancient Ocean [Chocolate Grinder]


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