TERRORDOME [Chocolate Grinder]

Shakin' Babies - Stoked Casual [Cerberus]

Metal Rouge - Soft Erase [Cerberus]

Telepathy News [Chocolate Grinder]

John Bellows - Fast Hits [Cerberus]

Sam Gas Can - Baby, Am I Trippy? [Cerberus]

Mold Grows on Baby - Mold Grows on Baby [Cerberus]

Comfort Link - The Complex Moods of Comfort Link [Cerberus]

Mariposa - Holy Ghost [Cerberus]

Holly Waxwing [Chocolate Grinder]

Bonglestar Galactabong [Chocolate Grinder]

Restaurnaut - Black Crow Marathon [Cerberus]

Deep Waters - Deep Waters [Cerberus]

Sebadoh / Octagrape [Live Blog]

The Cairo Gang - Mixtape No. 1 Scandinavia, May 2013 [Cerberus]

Tiger Village - Trilogy [Cerberus]

Junior Pande - Tape Three [Cerberus]

Joy and Revolution - Synthophonic Lush [Cerberus]

Lazercrotch - Gemini Air Systems [Cerberus]

The Inverted Orange - The Inverted Orange [Cerberus]