Clay Cantrell - High on the Gallows [Cerberus]

Karen Novotny X - Nothing Here Now But These Recordings '78-'79 [Cerberus]

Social Junk - Renewal [Cerberus]

Tinniens [Chocolate Grinder]

CoJA - Circus Bukkake [Cerberus]

Restaurnaut - When the Hue was More [Cerberus]

Imperial Topaz [Chocolate Grinder]

Earring - Nunn Ones [Cerberus]

Giant Claw - Tear in Static [Cerberus]

Tapers - Text [Cerberus]

Ahnnu - Battered Sphinx [Cerberus]

Sound Out Light - Pathfinder [Cerberus]

Erasurehead - Moonwort [Cerberus]

Pyramidal - Change of Heart [Cerberus]

Chairs - The Droning of an Insect Wing [Cerberus]

Naked Narcotics - Bliss Metallic [Cerberus]

Alcohol Party / Tropical Trash - Split [Cerberus]

INSECT FACTORY [Chocolate Grinder]

The Rainbow Body - Free Sentient Beings [Cerberus]

Teenage Moods - Best 'Tudes [Cerberus]


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