Junior Pande - Tape Three [Cerberus]

Joy and Revolution - Synthophonic Lush [Cerberus]

Lazercrotch - Gemini Air Systems [Cerberus]

The Inverted Orange - The Inverted Orange [Cerberus]

Scammers - Conventions [Cerberus]

Plankton Wat / Expo '70 [Chocolate Grinder]

Sheldon Siegel - Three Euro Breakfast [Cerberus]

Earthen Sea / Insect Factory - Split [Cerberus]

Digital Natives - It’s All Point Blank [Cerberus]

The Meets [Chocolate Grinder]

Henry Dawson - Vision Burst [Cerberus]

Tony Conrad & Charlemagne Palestine - More Aural Symbiotic Mysteries from Belgie [Cerberus]

Kyle Landstra - Sage [Cerberus]

Adderall Canyonly [Chocolate Grinder]

Grapefruit - Blurred Tunnels [Cerberus]

Ron Berry - Where Dark Forces Meet [Cerberus]

Orchard Thief - First Dimension Park [Cerberus]

Fuck Off Dad [Chocolate Grinder]

Moëvöt - Best Of [Cerberus]

Chocolate Grinder Mix 81 [Chocolate Grinder]


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