The Meets [Chocolate Grinder]

Henry Dawson - Vision Burst [Cerberus]

Tony Conrad & Charlemagne Palestine - More Aural Symbiotic Mysteries from Belgie [Cerberus]

Kyle Landstra - Sage [Cerberus]

Adderall Canyonly [Chocolate Grinder]

Grapefruit - Blurred Tunnels [Cerberus]

Ron Berry - Where Dark Forces Meet [Cerberus]

Orchard Thief - First Dimension Park [Cerberus]

Fuck Off Dad [Chocolate Grinder]

Moëvöt - Best Of [Cerberus]

Chocolate Grinder Mix 81 [Chocolate Grinder]

La Monte Young - The Second Dream of the High-Tension Line Stepdown Transformer [Cerberus]

Iain Shaw & David Shrigley - AWESOME [Cerberus]

John Swana, Mark Price & David Lackner - Smooth End of Summer [Cerberus]

THEMAYS [Chocolate Grinder]

Paw Paw - Temporalis / Epiphysis [Cerberus]

Green Gerry [Chocolate Grinder]

Dolphin Tears - Spa World [Cerberus]

Looks Realistic - Where Does It Come From? [Cerberus]

Daniel Menche [Chocolate Grinder]