P.W. Elverum & Sun re-issue Wyrd Visions' 2006 album <cite>Half-Eaten Guitar</cite>, go buckwild with a firehose on a bog monster [News Article]

Fennesz flexes his conceptual follow-up muscle with new Editions Mego full-length <cite>Bécs</cite> a.k.a. the <cite>Endless Summer</cite> killer [News Article]

James Ferraro brings the super-high-definition rainforest to the MoMA PS1 with new exhibit <cite>100%</cite> [News Article]

Amen Dunes [Chocolate Grinder]

Unsound Festival New York enlists the likes of Oren Ambarchi, Suzanne Ciani, copeland, Huerco S and more to drill a hole through the space-time continuum [News Article]

Nat Baldwin's new full-length <cite>In the Hollows</cite> is out in April; could I interest you in more facts about the album in all caps? [News Article]

Ain't no party like a Swans tour party because a Swans tour party is like six hours long and crushes you with soundwaves [News Article]

Dustin Wong is going on tour with Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks. In case you missed it the first time: Dustin Wong is going on tour with Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks [News Article]

Florian Hecker announces <cite>Articulação</cite> on Editions Mego, two out of two cats already poised to pounce at the speakers [News Article]

Mastodon plan spring Segway tour of the United States [News Article]

Important Records' sister tape label Cassauna awakens from slumber full of vim, vigor, pep, oomph, and several other synonyms [News Article]

Ai Aso plans new record album on Ideologic Organ; fans of record albums and the releasing thereof, rejoice! [News Article]

The Body announce collaborative album with The Haxan Cloak entitled <cite>I Shall Die Here</cite> on RVNG Intl. [News Article]

PAN announces more releases than you could possibly hope to carry in that little backpack of yours from Black Sites, Bass Clef, Valerio Tricoli, and more [News Article]

Pop-punk superstars The Swans announce new album for this spring, frontman Mikey Swan (Gira) plans European solo tour [News Article]

Kassel Jaeger plans <cite>Toxic Cosmopolitanism</cite> for Editions Mego, should be kept under close supervision at cocktail parties [News Article]

EMA reminds us that nothing makes any sense or matters at all with newly announced <cite>The Future's Void</cite> full-length on Matador [News Article]

Muslimgauze 10 LP box set announced from Vinyl-on-Demand, proving once and for all that 10 really is better than one [News Article]

Greg Fox wants to Greg Fox himself all over your garden with his new plantable release <cite>Mitral Transmission</cite> [News Article]

Helm releases new EP <cite>The Hollow Organ</cite> on PAN today; TMT pressures you to buy it [News Article]


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