PC Worship announces new full-length Social Rust on Northern Spy and Dull Tools [News Article]

High on Fire announce tour dates, plan to "risk it" on a boat with Lemmy because #YOLO [News Article]

Fog's Andrew Broder plans new full-length for 2015, launches Kickstarter to fund it [News Article]

Chris Watson plans field-recordings-based mobile app for September release [News Article]

O'Death announce full-length Out of Hands We Go, giant tour; the search continues for their sting [News Article]

Gucci Mane preps The Oddfather album for July 28, which is also the day of his sentencing hearing [News Article]

YACHT announce fall tour, new mobile app, plans to destroy the internet [News Article]

Hyperdub announces 10th anniversary North American tour dates featuring Kode9, Scratcha DVA, Teklife, and more! [News Article]

ISSUE Project Room announces new label Distributed Objects, initial releases from Sabisha Friedberg and Sergei Tcherepnin [News Article]

NGUZUNGUZU plan to tour Europe in an unpronounceable furor [News Article]

As a reminder that he is pretty famous, Beck plans a Song Reader album featuring Jack White, Jarvis Cocker, Jeff Tweedy and many others [News Article]

Young Thug plans 1017 Thug 2: Electric Thuggaloo for this Friday, previews "Lifestyle" [News Article]

Software releasing Remembrance, the debut EP from Suicideyear, in September [News Article]

Death From Above 1979 squirt forth details about new album and tour dates via newly surgically attached elephant trunks [News Article]

Cardio superstar Ian William Craig plans A Turn of Breath for August 5 release on Recital [News Article]

Botanist announce new LP on The Flenser, out August 11, stream "Callistemon" as a taste of their green-thumbed labor [News Article]

Google buys Songza, plans to fire its soulless playlist-making robots in favor of actual humans with feelings [News Article]

Moon Duo announce live album, international tour, add third member but keep name because apparently words are meaningless [News Article]

Sutekh Hexen's discography available for free download; what to expect when you're expecting your hard drive to become choked by the bile of a dying universe [News Article]

Busdriver raps about updos, downdos on new LP Perfect Hair, debuts "Ego Death" featuring Aesop Rock, Danny Brown, and production by Jeremiah Jae [News Article]