Cloud Becomes Your Hand becomes a band that's signed to Northern Spy, also becomes a band that tours the East Coast [News Article]

Blackest Ever Black preps dark, scary new release from Barnett + Coloccia (members of Oakeater, Mamiffer) [News Article]

Merge announces 25th anniversary 7-inch subscription series; Superchunk covers my third-favorite Misfits song [News Article]

Beck plans new album for February 2014, fortunately you don't have to get all your asshole friends together in order to hear this one [News Article]

Mastodon plan Live at Brixton, out December 10, which is pretty neat for those of us afraid of the outside [News Article]

Psychic Ills and Mazzy Star pop out of North-American-tour-shaped box, and though we were excited, we could totally tell what it was before unwrapping it [News Article]

Upcoming 100% Silk documentary reportedly as shiny and smooth as the underpants you wear to the country club [News Article]

Heatsick preparing new album Re-Engineering for PAN, slowly saving up for a better keyboard [News Article]

sunn O))) reissue Black One on Southern Lord for RSD Black Friday; where do we stand on Record Store Day again? [News Article]

Tim Hecker embraces his inner John Williams, provides original score for documentary Massacred for Gold [News Article]

Tindersticks release 10th album, entitled Across Six Leap Years; I totally knew a guy whose birthday was leap day, it really wrecked him emotionally [News Article]

Dais Records plans new COUM Transmissions (pre-Throbbing Gristle) release Home Aged & the 18 Month Hope, because that coum ain't gonna transmit itself [News Article]

Current 93 plan new release for early next year; David Tibet says, "The apocalypse is actually going to happen this time, I swear" [News Article]

Arbouretum and Cass McCombs announce winter tour, seek to rectify global warming by force [News Article]

Steve Gunn tours Europe to escape the wrath of the very real diaper mafia [News Article]

Chris Douglas invites you to stretch out your freakishly long calves with his new Dalglish full-length on PAN [News Article]

Chance the Rapper announces tour with DJ Rashad and DJ Spinn so you can work your feet while also working your heart [News Article]

James Ferraro is touring Europe this fall to determine if NYC, HELL really is other people [News Article]

The Body tour the US, release new video, spread messages of peace, love, and goodwill to all humans [News Article]


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