Daughters return for single show in Rhode Island, ending four-year-long prodigal journey [News Article]

The Replacements return from long-term faster-than-light space mission for first shows in 22,000 years [News Article]

The Dead C announce new album Armed Courage on Ba Da Bing Records; guitars everywhere are suddenly "busy that night" [News Article]

Brian Wilson, subject of the popular Barenaked Ladies song, begins work on his 11th solo album [News Article]

Joel Ford and Patrick McDermott went antiquing the other day and found(ed) a whole record label in mint condition! [News Article]

Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings cancel tour and postpone album because of health concerns [News Article]

No Age announce release date for new album An Object, have stolen something valuable from your house with vague plans to "release" it on Sub Pop [News Article]

Autre Ne Veut saw your OkCupid profile and wants to set up a few US dates with you [News Article]

NGUZUNGUZU roll off of tongues everywhere and into a venue near you [News Article]

Load Records announces Humanbeast LP Venus Ejaculates into the Banquet, streams first single; #gross [News Article]

Liars share new video, free songs, are a bunch of lying liars whose thighs are permanently charred from burning pants [News Article]

James Blake goes on a fall tour in an effort to regain his physical form [News Article]

The Mountain Goats reissue All Hail West Texas, declare time travel "bullshit" after discovering Satan exists outside of time [News Article]

PAN label throws PAN_ACT festival in NY and Boston with Laurel Halo, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Eli Keszler, and more (apparently everyone is hanging out without me) [News Article]

Google announces Google Play Music All Access, inciting Tron-esque laser bike fight over user base that wants everything for free [News Article]

Stellar OM Source announces existence of new album, single, and civilization of intelligent aliens who use space rocks as currency [News Article]

Steve Albini mutters some facts about the new Shellac record from the comfort of his coveralls [News Article]

Lauryn Hill receives three-month prison sentence from big government robber barons [News Article]

Kanye West tweets "June Eighteen" indicating a possible album release date; people on the internet get kind of excited [News Article]


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