Scott Walker's Bish Bosch to become multimedia extravaganza... extravaganza is definitely the wrong word [News Article]

Sightings "tour Europe" to promote "new album" out April 1... NICE TRY YOU GUYS! [News Article]

Animal Collective postpone more tourdates; Avey Tare's throat Hz [News Article]

Thurston Moore and Loren Connors offer advice to those lost in hedge mazes in the form of a Record Store Day Exclusive on Northern Spy [News Article]

Danny Brown announces tour with Kitty, embraces rap fatherhood [News Article]

Merchandise stream new song from Totale Night LP, vigorously participate in capitalism [News Article]

Spirit they're sick, spirit they've rescheduled: Animal Collective re-schedule tourdates [News Article]

Keiji Haino, Jim O'Rourke, and Oren Ambarchi puncture the inky dark with a new collaborative release, out April 30 on Black Truffle Records [News Article]

Small Black announce Limits of Desire LP, intentionally mix up your order in the drive-thru [News Article]

Phil Elverum reiusses The Microphones' catalog on vinyl, flips an entire month the bird [News Article]

Sun City Girls' Alan Bishop announces album with new project The Invisible Hands, blows minds with Zen koan [News Article]

Blanche Blanche Blanche drop new video, announce cute lil' mini-tour so adorable you'll want to eat it right up [News Article]

Loren Connors and Bill Orcutt release collaboration on Free Music Archive, proving once again there is no "I" in "Awesome" [News Article]

Co La announces Moody Coup full-length, overthrows an entire government, shrugs shoulders [News Article]

Ghostface Killah gives you Twelve Reasons to Die in case you needed any more [News Article]

Ceramic Dog announce new LP on Northern Spy; listen closely and you can hear Marc Ribot make fun of your guitar solos [News Article]

Tyler, The Creator sets release date for Wolf, premieres new video for "Domo 23," announces tour, exists paradoxically [News Article]

The Dead C and Rangda to release split on Ba Da Bing Records; gymnasts around the world nod in approval [News Article]

Prurient's Dominick Fernow readies first Blackest Ever Black release and more, streams new song [News Article]