High Wolf tours Europe in search of drug-friendly wolves [News Article]

Daughn Gibson announces new album Me Moan out July 9, has such a pretty voice no one will correct his grammar [News Article]

Laurel Halo offers details on new Hyperdub EP, yet again denies writers the satisfaction of making Full House jokes [News Article]

Keith Fullerton Whitman adds 12-hour collection of pop deformations to SoundCloud; corporate America grinds to a halt as thousands of workers call in sick [News Article]

Old Apparatus announce Compendium collection on Sullen Tone, would be totally happy to help you fix your toilet [News Article]

Scott Walker reissues first five solo albums, enters final stage of metamorphosis [News Article]

Silkworm's Libertine to be reissued by Comedy Minus One; The Church of the Most Holy WRM seeks new acolytes [News Article]

Damien Jurado announces house show tour, is wandering around in your basement right now [News Article]

Arrington de Dionyso's Malaikat dan Singa announces tour, shares video, demonstrates scientific principle [News Article]

Simon Reynolds announces expanded edition of Energy Flash, apparently experiencing a little retromania of his own [News Article]

Foot Village tour, share new video, court Dr. Scholl's sponsorship [News Article]

Keiji Haino announces US tour with a snap of his finger and a rustle of his wizard's cloak [News Article]

Scott Walker's Bish Bosch to become multimedia extravaganza... extravaganza is definitely the wrong word [News Article]

Sightings "tour Europe" to promote "new album" out April 1... NICE TRY YOU GUYS! [News Article]

Animal Collective postpone more tourdates; Avey Tare's throat Hz [News Article]

Thurston Moore and Loren Connors offer advice to those lost in hedge mazes in the form of a Record Store Day Exclusive on Northern Spy [News Article]

Danny Brown announces tour with Kitty, embraces rap fatherhood [News Article]

Merchandise stream new song from Totale Night LP, vigorously participate in capitalism [News Article]

Spirit they're sick, spirit they've rescheduled: Animal Collective re-schedule tourdates [News Article]


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