Bikini Kill announce second reissue through Bikini Kill Records, only 90s kids will truly understand [News Article]

Fourth person dies from injuries sustained in the March 13 SXSW tragedy [News Article]

Sir Richard Bishop defends his knightly honor with European tour [News Article]

Valerio Tricoli pops in to announce Miseri Lares, out April 28 on PAN, and to check in on your new year's resolutions [News Article]

James Ferraro's ringtone suite is live on the MoMA PS1 website; your phone is now a vessel for the vaporwave apocalypse [News Article]

Matmos get as close to your ear as you'll let them to tell you about their European tour dates [News Article]

Craig Leon's Nommos and Visiting to be reissued this June, this time with 100% more permission [News Article]

Wooden Wand announces Farmer's Corner for May release, grows more woodenier and wandier with every passing year [News Article]

clipping. plan Sub Pop debut for June 10, so mark your calendars and pray the world doesn't end [News Article]

This Heat plan vinyl reissues of This Heat, Deceit, and the Health and Efficiency 12-inch; basically no other details yet! [News Article]

Islaja plans new album SUU with Monika Enterprise, read all about it in Tiny Mix Tapes' proprietary Hilarious News Post© format [News Article]

tUnE-yArDs announces details of Nikki Nack coming in May. Personally, I can't wait to hear what Chuck Klosterman thinks of it. [News Article]

P.W. Elverum & Sun re-issue Wyrd Visions' 2006 album Half-Eaten Guitar, go buckwild with a firehose on a bog monster [News Article]

Fennesz flexes his conceptual follow-up muscle with new Editions Mego full-length Bécs a.k.a. the Endless Summer killer [News Article]

James Ferraro brings the super-high-definition rainforest to the MoMA PS1 with new exhibit 100% [News Article]

Amen Dunes [Chocolate Grinder]

Unsound Festival New York enlists the likes of Oren Ambarchi, Suzanne Ciani, copeland, Huerco S and more to drill a hole through the space-time continuum [News Article]

Nat Baldwin's new full-length In the Hollows is out in April; could I interest you in more facts about the album in all caps? [News Article]

Ain't no party like a Swans tour party because a Swans tour party is like six hours long and crushes you with soundwaves [News Article]

Dustin Wong is going on tour with Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks. In case you missed it the first time: Dustin Wong is going on tour with Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks [News Article]