Shoegaze kingpins Ride are cowboys, on a steel horse they reunite, tour the world [News Article]

Afrikan Sciences plans PAN debut Circuitous, out December 8 [News Article]

Rustie to soar on wings like eagles throughout January 2015 US tour; for now he’s got a new video to share [News Article]

Mount Eerie provides details on new album Sauna, due out February 3 [News Article]

Kye releases its two final LPs of 2014, Matthew Revert's Not You and Food Court's Food Court [News Article]

Noveller announces Fantastic Planet, new LP out in January on Fire Records [News Article]

Andrew Pekler releases The Prepaid Piano & Re-Played on Senufo Editions and Entr'acte [News Article]

Elephant Micah announces new record, ascendancy to the throne of the new American monarchy [News Article]

Guerilla Toss announce new EP Smack the Brick, stream the whole dang thing [News Article]

The Bug collaborates with Earth on new single, out November 28, because they are both adults and can do what they want [News Article]

Lil B embarks (FIGARO!) on a short but #RARE and #COLLECTIBLE tour [News Article]

Full of Hell and Merzbow plan collaborative album on Profound Lore that stretches my capacity to make food analogies [News Article]

Swans announce new EP for November, the circle of life spins ever onward [News Article]

Numero Group plans massive joke instruction manual collection of Scharpling & Wurster's Best Show on WFMU [News Article]

Lee Noble plots European tour to escape the heat from some very real gossip I just made up [News Article]

Richard Dawson announces Nothing Important, out November 4, which is much more important than the title indicates [News Article]

Total Freedom plans freedom tour of Europe for October and November, totally [News Article]

Kye plans 2-day festival in New York for October, performances by Graham Lambkin and James Rushford, Vanessa Rossetto, Call Back the Giants, and more! [News Article]

Antony and the Johnsons announce Turning live album and film, gather ye voice-describing adjectives while ye may [News Article]

Pontiak and Wovenhand hit the road, both literally and figuratively, with their fists and in tour vans [News Article]