Steve Gunn, John Truscinski, Cian Nugent announce new LP as Desert Heat, land prestigious diaper endorsement deal [News Article]

Bill Orcutt offers mostly accurate historical chronicle of all humans on new full-length <em>A History of Every One</em> [News Article]

Circuit des Yeux plans release of new album <em>Overdue</em>, goes on the run from horde of angry librarians [News Article]

Roy Harper emerges from longest nap ever to release first new album in 13 years, finally lets his roommate in to take a shower [News Article]

Arnold Dreyblatt and Megafaun collaborate on new full-length for Northern Spy; generations to come will speak in hushed tones of the <em>APPALACHIAN EXCITATION</em> [News Article]

Slint clinch coveted indie rock hat-trick by reforming for a third time [News Article]

The Dismemberment Plan tour on a large bus powered by fond memories, wry grins [News Article]

Chicago's Rotted Tooth Fest, the de facto replacement of Bitchpork, features Wolf Eyes, Bitchin' Bajas, Sewn Leather, and more; fest starts tonight! [News Article]

Wooden Wand plans new album for Three Lobed Recordings, out in October, does so very sneakily (better check your cabinets) [News Article]

Dean Blunt shows Europe a little (touring) love; Europe genuinely unsure how to respond [News Article]

Hookworms sign to Weird World to re-issue debut album, continue to sink creepy, microscopic teeth into intestinal walls of unsuspecting mammals [News Article]

Your besties Andrew Pekler, Tom Carter, Decimus, Marcia Bassett, and Call Back the Giants contribute to a free compilation based on a J.G. Ballard story [News Article]

Islands announce new album <em>Ski Mask</em>, single, and bank robbery/winter sports-themed North American tour [News Article]

R. Stevie Moore announces new compilation album, still has way more songs than any reasonable human would presume they could shake a stick at [News Article]

Nobody is releasing <em>Vivid Green</em> on July 30, Nobody at all; I guess no news is good news? [News Article]

Angel Olsen tours into the late summer and fall, is maybe only like a quarter of the way home at this point [News Article]

Blondes plan release of <em>Swisher</em> in August on RVNG Intl., are still just as cute and ditzy as ever [News Article]

Grails tour the United States for the first time in nearly 14 dog years [News Article]

The Dismemberment Plan announce new album; TMT news writer arrested in ignominy [News Article]

Iron & Wine plan fall tour, nap aggressively in support of worthy causes [News Article]


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