Warp Records entire backstock destroyed in PIAS fire [News Article]

Fanboy Jeff Tweedy sucks up to Deerhoof on new collaborative 7-inch with The Raccoonists [News Article]

Mogwai take a break from bartending, release Earth Division EP, tour the US [News Article]

Hermit singer Feist announces new album Metals, sadly not a collab with Boris [News Article]

Spotify finally announces US launch; bring on the trumpets!! [News Article]

Operation AntiSec hits Universal Music, promises more data soon [News Article]

EMI now for sale by Citigroup; Ze Pequeno last seen doing a victory dance down Market Street [News Article]

Random company sues BitTorrent for patent infringement; sounds awfully familiar... [News Article]

Lightning Bolt almost done recording new album; meanwhile Brian Chippendale sets aside web comics to exfoliate some Primordial Pus [News Article]

Handsome Furs to release Sound Kapital, tour North America, bring a mandatory makeout booth for everyone to use [News Article]

GAYNGS prove to be best supergroup ever, win lawsuit against bus company [News Article]

Dan Deacon [Features]

Noise Pop 2011 [Features]

2010: The Inevitable Fall and Destruction of EMI [Features]

Thanksgiving Piracy News Round-Up: COICA blocked, TPB fined, sites ICEd, Bradford Cox pwned [News Article]

Kruder & Dorfmeister [Features]

Treasure Island Music Festival 2010 [Features]

The Flaming Lips / Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti / Thee Oh Sees [Live Blog]

Major Organ and the Adding Machine, Pt. III: The Mythos [Features]

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