A Life Lived as if In Hell [CS; Out-of-Body]

A Life Lived As If In Hell is a sick one, indeed. Literally. We’re talking ladies crying in hospital beds, gagging and probably spewing into the air as all manner of experimental electronic detritus clutters the room. Not easy listening, to say the least, and that’s exactly why you must stick around. Whether 156 are creating rhythmic jams out of mysterious sources or rat-tat-tat-ing on a garbage-can lid or sampling the voice of pure suffering, they keep their boots on your neck from start to finish in a cinematic display of pace-setting and mangled porn-noise showmanship. As a fellow who cringes at the thought of ever hearing another Mama Baer tape, it seems out-of-whack for me to recommend a dick-splitter like A Life Lived, but this isn’t torture for torture’s sake. It’s evocative and will-testing, but only because, and when, it has to be. I sat on this one for awhile but it’s still available over at Out-of-Body so there’s still time.

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