Amen Dunes
Spoiler [LP; Perfect Lives]

The sparse nature of Through Donkey Jaw was quickly supplanted by the Jah psychedelia of “Ethio Song.” Now Damon McMahon does another trick with the catch-all Spoiler. Three hundred pieces of memorabilia of a bygone era; trinkets of experiments and half-thoughts before, during, and after Through Donkey Jaw that shake with uncertainty. But it’s why McMahon’s work is so enduring — that quivering delight at starring into the unknown and sharing it with those of us without a clue. Moments of musique concrète (“Camels in Amsterdam”), raw guitar repetition (“Watching Cartoons”), and oblique prog (“The Night I Joined the Navy”) are as confessional as they are confusing, just as any Amen Dunes fan would want. The only enigma these days are those dreamed up by those who can’t go with the flow. As antiquated an idea, it’s the crux of Spoiler. It’s challenging but not anymore so than Dark Souls or cinéma vérité. The only losing proposition — the only one ever prospered by McMahon—is to those who ignore his work and fear repeated deaths attempting enlightenment. If you fear abstraction, you cannot tread here. For everyone else, meet your equally confused tour guide as you are lead into the recesses of…

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