Better Psychics
What is Rule [CS; OSR Tapes]

If Blanche Blanche Blanche are the Devo of this generation, Better Psychics are the Lemon Kittens of today, engaging in an engrossing sound spectacle that seems to have no conscience, much less rhyme or reason. What is Rule, like anything Zach Phillips touches, could have come from no other source. It’s got the most mischievous attitude imaginable, pulling changes and moves designed to infuriate and intrigue in equal measure. I, of course, find it to be more of the latter. There’s no precedent for this that I can hear; it’s all joyous brushstrokes and playful patter, mostly guitars and some keys dipped in Drano. It’s dangerous to start getting into Animal Collective comparisons, yet that’s just what I’m compelled to do, as Better Psychics possess that same sense of utter freedom. “We can do it before / we can do it again” … well, yeah, but that’s the exact opposite of what I’ve come to expect from this camp. Never a repeat, cult-classic-never-best-seller, bitches.

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