Binary Marketing Show
Anticipation of Something Else [CS; Already Dead Tapes]

From the nether-edge of the Beach Boys pop-universe cries the Binary Marketing Show. They are a band at a distance, some inter-galactic nega-pop oddity from light years away, beamed into our hazy ozone with harmonies from a chorus of alien voices, glowing synthesizer melodies, and clockwork-mechanismic beats. With its weaving structures and complex grooves setting each track’s pace and tone, Anticipation of Something Else isn’t only a brilliant exercise in experimental song writing, it is also one of the better sounding releases I’ve heard this year from a production standpoint. The duo makes these catchy songs catch you quicker by having a really good sense for the environmental conditions of the sound table. They know their space intimately, its total volume, temperature, humidity, and they shape it all into a comfy pillow of pop music, so easy and wonderful to sink into time and again. Aside from having a bit of excessive extra blank tape on both sides than I’d like to see/deal with (OK, pretty trivial/petty criticism there, but I feel like I should mention it anyway), Binary Marketing Show nonetheless makes for one of the more scrumptious discoveries Already Dead Tapes has fed my hungry ears over the past couple of years. Big recommend.


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