Glare Luring Yo [LP; Feeding Tube]

Holy lord, a goddess and two of the greats, together on a limited-edish LP that sounds so fucking ripe when you turn it up way past the breaking point. Body/Gate/Head is, of course, Kim Gordon and Bill Nace’s Body/Head augmented by Dead C dude Michael Morley, nee Gate (so the name makes sense now)… But you already knew that right? Haha, right, sure fucko; I KNOW you were sleeping on this one because I used to get the feeling of overload on a lot of the Sonic Youth pig-vomit side projects too, but no more; over the last decade there’s been a maturity in the post-SY work that has kept the brand alive. Glare Luring Yo is dark and dreary, but a searchlight pokes through the clouds and you just know you’re going to make it home safe. In fact I’ll promise you won’t be noise-fucked by this record unless you want to be. There are only 300 of these, so gird yourself for battle if you find some poor sap on the other end of the last copy…

Links: Feeding Tube


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