Broken Lights
Three Circles [CS; Posh Isolation]

Being alone is underrated. Not in the sense of friendless or being sans significant other, but physically alone. Things like being the sole inhabitant of a house, the last person at work, walking the disused hallways of an abandoned factory, or sitting down in a forest made endless by the lack of another human for miles. They are quiet moments to be still and compose thoughts, to let down all possible walls or masks.

3 Circles seems to be a withdrawing into such a place. It starts with rattles and thumps: the sounds of others moving around our environment. Then voices come, but they are distant, already the listener pulls back from humanity; a journey towards isolation begins. The second side opens with fog settling in, a physical manifestation of the space we put between ourselves and other humans. But what is discovered in seclusion is not the tranquility of an unperturbed mind, but the roiling ocean of thought freed from its shackles. We first panic thinking that this is a mistake, that we must go back and find a way to undo, to recant, to take back those first few steps. But peace comes in letting go, in realizing this battle was lost long before today, and in letting everything come to a final stuttering halt we have reached the place we wanted to be all along.


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