Circuit des Yeux
CDY3 [10-inch; Magnetic South]

This is a transformation. We witness the evolution of child into teen into adult, with all the ferocity of a genetic nuclear cloud. “Lithonia,” the same shoes in the dirt, operatic vocal of innocence from Haley Fohr’s Circuit des Yeux. It rattles the neighborhood windows with the bellow of a girl trying to fit in with a big voice and a one-track mind. “I’m on Fire II” finds Fohr in her college years, revisiting her take on the Springsteen torch song with two hulking man-beasts adding drums and din to an already encumbered ode of distortion and angst. It’s “Helen, You Bitch” where the myth graduates, matures into a woman. This is Fohr, with 24 years of learning and leaving, channeling the education system, disappointment, and the unknown into a tense psychedelic jam with hints of apricot and venom. This is Fohr exploring relationships: those of her past, present, and future. Those of love, bands, and person-to-environment. And it’s just a killer 10-inch for anyone who, you know, likes music and things that are deep and stuff. Or needs a quick soundtrack to a bong rip.


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