Dane Patterson
Ghosting [CS; Fabrica]

A few years ago just about all I reviewed for Cerberus was tapes that took on a sound vaguely similar to Dane Patterson’s Ghosting, and it’s an art form I seem to see less and less of. Kinda sad, because I miss the cricket chirps, computer-music sequences, and buzzes/pops/fizzes, and Ghosting is like a topographical sound-map covering every aspect of the specific persuasion I’m referring to. Not only that, but Patterson fills in the gaps and adds fresh accents of his own, and there always seems to be a rhythmic element underpinning the explosions of effects. It’s an extremely dense, somewhat dark conglomeration of drone throbs, electric crackle, tunnel echoes, and urgent audio signals that in current times most closely matches the output of the Hausu Mountain label. In Patterson’s world, more is less, black is the new orange, and rock isn’t ‘dead’ or ‘reborn’ but relegated to the dusty annals of history; there’s no room for it here. And when I tell you Ghosting is dense, BELIEVE it. This cassette drifts by in the blink of an eye and you’ll feel like you’ve missed something. That’s, of course, what repeat listens are for, and Patterson will have you flipping like a short-order cook. I slept on this tape for a bit and there still are copies of the run of 50 available direct from Fabrica, so don’t make the same mistake. STAY AWAKE.

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