Florida = Death
Post Information [LP; Obscure Me / AMOD]

Such a rag-tag collection of counter-intuitive tunes couldn’t avoid vinyl for long. After existing as a tape and CD-r for quite some time, Post Information gets the thick-as-brick wax treatment, and the confused weirdos among us couldn’t be happier. I get why Florida = Death and the labels involved wanted to take the project a step further before allowing it to be washed away by the forgetful ears of the underground. The wingspan of Post Information is vast enough that ascribing its din to a genre would only embarrass the both of us (assuming only one person is reading this at a time on each screen; by the way, hey there, I just broke the fourth wall!). I will, however, name names, in no particular order: Raccoo-oo-oon, Neptune, Haves & Thirds, Colour Bük, Twin Stumps, The Microphones, Why?, and Rape Faction. Now that the guilty parties have been arraigned, allow me to bring the charge: LIFE!!! LIFE!!! (And death.) There are sections of PI that befuddled me quite a bit, but they’re more than balanced out by the instances of shear abandon, particularly on the flip (labeled as ‘f’; oh those tricky Floridians!). You don’t hear almost-dead beats rumbling through a scrambled audio junkyard too often outside of that Dalek/Destructo Swarmbots pic disc, so when it comes along you best recognize.


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