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Creation Beat [12-inch; These Are Not Records]

I remember checking in on these guys via their cassette on Moon Glyph and getting more of a Stereolab vibe; hey, maybe Creation Beat is the Emperor Tomato Ketchup phase. Or something like that. Quite a modern mish-mash, to be sure. Those with the glow sticks and old rave memorabilia will want to thrust their hips into the title track. “Cross Hatch” has that nervous EDM tension, flecked with post-disco and a busy, dance-y version of a motorik beat. If you’re looking to fuck shit up on the glossy floor, visit “Hatch.” If you’re searching for something a little more down to earth, peep the Corey Haim synths and soothing sound-mist spray of “My House,” though it’s arguable whether the vocals add anything to what is an intriguing composition in its own right. Edition of 300, ready to meet its maker.


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