Giant Claw
Tear in Static [CS; Singapore Sling]

Writing about Giant Claw’s output in relation to video game music seems kind of lazy and reductive, so I have had to resist the temptation. But since I found out that he is actually doing music for a video game soundtrack, coupled with my experiences here on Tear in Static, that effort has become tougher than ever. Fuck it: Both sides of this tape could be a boss level on an old Mega Man game for NES. That’s just how it is, man. The trotting beats make this a pure side-scrolling adventure with plasma beams of synthesizer chords laying down the foundational conduits for those wave melodies to flutter their way past. And many of the tracks have a dark, pensive undertone to them — aggressive, confident, but aware and wary of the dangers that lie beyond the bevy of henchmen and lava pits that have yet to be traversed. I don’t remember the Giant Claw moniker coming with anyone besides ex-TMTer Keith Rankin behind the keys before, but this one has a couple of tracks that make use of additional musicians Brian Baker and James Webster. Of interest! Giant Claw released a lot of music in 2013, and this short tape has some of my favorite of the bunch on it. Which is saying a hell of a lot, by the way.


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