Great Valley
Lizards of Camelot [LP; Feeding Tube]

Zach Phillips’ participation was a dead giveaway, but I still didn’t anticipate how much bear-hug love I’d have for the special vinyl ‘tour’ version of Lizards in Camelot (the tape having dropped on NNA previously). I’d even go so far as to say the progression of the tracks that inhabit Side A form one of the best sides of music I’d heard in, hell, what seems like a long, long time (maybe since that Big French record?). And it’s not that other audio hasn’t measured up necessarily, it’s more that Great Valley are hitting a spot in my brain I didn’t know existed. They’re not hitting it once, either; they’re zoning in on that shit and pounding it until my endorphin receptors feel like they’ve been sucking in hard drugs all day. It’s not a healthy process but it’s healthier than the alternative (not feeling the bliss in the first place), and it beats listening to the refried junk that seems to land in my Inbox every day. Lord, look at me! I haven’t even properly introduced you! Great Valley is essentially the duo of Peter Nichols and Jo Miller-Gamble, along with a rotating cast of Vermont weirdos. While Lizards of Camelot carries with it the weirdness we’ve come to expect from that corner of the country, Great Valley aren’t content to just weird you out. They also want to dazzle you with their mellow melodies and wrap their synth ribbons around your head… And the guitars, oh the guitars! “Lakey Lady” is so lovably loopy you’ll almost be beside yourself with glee when you first turn it on, and that’s coming from a guy who shoves aural delights into his ear 17 hours a day. I’ve pitched outsiders to you in the past (Carey Mercer, Zach Hill, Tonstartssbandht) and that turned out well for everyone, right? Good, so we’re agreed: You’ll plug this sucker in and let its hot air fill your body, then WHOOSH!!! You’ll fly around the room like a balloon with its mouthpiece just a lil’ bit open. Less than a hundred copies of this left from the source so move yr ass, pilgrim.

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