Günter Schlienz / Kyle Landstra / N Chambers / Cliffsides
Swim Trunks [2xCS; Space Slave Editions]

With just a sliver of summer remaining, you still have time to don these Swim Trunks and take one last deep sea plunge before you pack up the cats for winter. And who should be waiting for you at poolside but a formidable foursome, though they promise they just want to rub sunscreen on your back and scribble love letters in Lisa Frank notebooks about Davy Jones because he’s so dreamy. But then they serenade you with four songs so far underwater that you can’t help but blush a little at the attention. Günter has the sweetest lullaby, that it makes falling asleep on a lounge chair in the midday sun a worthy proposition. Kyle and Norm are night owls, waiting for the sun to begin its descent before feeling comfortable enough to jump in the water and go for a swim. Cliff may be the weirdest but sexiest. He avoids the water, rarely makes eye contact, and whenever I pass him the notebook for him to take his turn at M.A.S.H.; he seems bored of the idea. But I caught him last night, dipping his toes into the water and splashing about when no one was looking. I get it, he’s a little shy and plays hard to get. But what they don’t realize is that summer is fading and it’ll be time to leave poolside, to say goodbye to camp, and head back to the city for school and heartache. But at least I’ll still have their Swim Trunks as innocent mementos of our fleeting time together.


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