Kyklooppien Sukupuutto
“Kusisessions Vol. 1” [7-inch; Kissankusi]

It’s flat-out staggering how dry-mouthed and wanting I’ve been for a nice stretch of bolt-tightened hardcore (kind of like when you realize you’ve been hungry for hours); Kyklooppien Sukupuutto go a long way toward slaking my thirst on their own. They’ve got this treble-worshiping lo-fi character and they rarely deviate from it, but they also know how to keep things in frenzied, full-gear mode, so Minor Threat/Bad Brains devouts and even some of the power violence crowd (Spazz-oids in particular) will jive all over this bile-stuffed turkey. I also remember Bum Kon and some of the other bands of their ilk rocking a bit like this. JAM it, brothers — if you can produce rock this contagious on a consistent basis, you deserve better than to wait FIVE YEARS to release your studio nuggets (much of this was recorded in 2006). Then again, if I had to choose between waiting the wait or missing out on Kyklooppien Sukupuutto, well, we both know what I’d have to do: wait. Import-style, 320 copies, knowing punk grins…

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