Melted Glass
Flourescent Swamp [CS; Cubic Pyramid]

Straight up: I love everything about Melted Glass’ Flourescent Swamp cassette, from the visual execution right down to the next-level, noise-making-wolfman style of the music. Give it up, homies! This is the type of tape-gunk, junk-trading sprawl that takes a metric ton of trust to swallow whole, and as it turns out, I’d honor their oath till the end. Groups/artists like Babe Terror, Lead Sister ii, Jazzkammer, Buon Giorno Luamada, Eric Copeland, Dead Texan, Nurse With Wound, and many more have a new playmate. Just don’t get too close, as the buzzards swarming ‘round Side B will tax that ass. Drones like this beg the question, Why do we even care about drums? Let’s just hold hands, follow the drip-drips, and drift into the misty foregrounds of heaven.

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