Michael Wohl
“Moonfeeder” b/w “Song of Impermanence” [7-inch; Knick Knack]

Wohl serves up a new slice of traditional interpretation while also giving audiences a revisit from his recent cassette. “Moonfeeder” was a personal fav from Eight Pieces for Solo Guitar, so having it handy to play on 7 inches of vinyl rather than wearing out the tape is worth the price of admission. But it’s the flip, “Song of Impermanence,” where Wohl begins to expand his Takoma influenced tendrils back into the history of his home base of Seattle. There’s a bit of psychedelia on display as the song progresses from its ancestral roots. As Wohl begins to get lost in the cat’s cradle melody, it begins to free his fingers and expand the sound. It’s subtle but you’ll pick it up after a few listens — and you will listen repeatedly. Wohl may not be a fast riser on your radar but give him a few more releases and you’ll find yourself a fan if you’re on the old Fahey/Kottke trip. Only so much of that old pizzazz left to go ‘round.


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