Pod Blotz
Timeless [CS; Dungeon Taxis]

Suzy Poling is more than music, she’s art. Living, breathing art. The sort that museums keep behind invisible ropes and low-tech alarm systems. She’s the echo of steps in a gallery. She’s the sound of children running around the clumsily designed instillation piece (it should be in Paris or NYC or Prague, not Denver or Toronto) barely contained by the room. She’s lights and colors and flash and sound and collage and dreaming and whispering. As Pod Blotz, she’s the embodiment of art as pop—but not the glamorous, tabloid style but of the sleazy, drugged existence on the streets before discovery. Knowing that you are “it” but never being told by the collective hive mind that you have “it”. So she takes “it” and runs with “it” until “it” is whatever she makes of “it”. That’s why she and “it” and this is all Timeless. A swirling magnet of hodge podge that makes me dance and cry and shout even as the security guards drag me out and innocent bystanders ask me to quiet down.

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