Come Follow Me [CS / LP; More / Hot Releases]

An insistent groove builds into a clockwork dance-prog jam and I’m thinking to myself, PLEASE GOD, don’t let the vocals suck. And wouldn’t you know it, they don’t, Profligate more prone to nondescript mumble core than what I like to call Cold Caving, if they sing at all. Get that band out of your head though; if anything Come Follow Me reminds me of Robot Elephant outfits like Husband and Fostercare, acts that also infuse their robotic beats with a sense of mischief and opportunism. Any chance they get, they’ll fry your circuits and finger your girlfriend. I fuckin’ love that shit, though you might want to have a talk with Susie. As you surge along, the room gets darker, the lights lowered, the camera crew told the shut the FUCK up, and suddenly we’re in a pitch-black room with a ghost-beat. German Army, a recent favorite, factor in here when the vocals get gutted and pieced back together, and yet there’s more (a vicious side, a Tricky/Massive Attack side, an EDM side, I guess I already mentioned prog but it’s there in spades, hovering above the beats). Side B brings a lot of more atmospheric and noisy climates to the table; it’s also a lot more random, if that’s your bag. I’m good either way. Pretty diverse stuff considering it’s borne out of a simple formula that works best in its moments of numbed reflection. Don’t pass this one up.


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