Change of Heart [CS; Already Dead Tapes]

For the eighty-fifth entry in Already Dead’s now well over 100 release count, we have a nice instrumental hip-hop collection courtesy of a gentleman called Joran Bakx who sent this one in all the way from Holland. Change of Heart is a fairly planar ride, each and every beat set up to basically glide along a straight and narrow sort of trajectory. And although it’s a bit robotic and feels rather safe, the melodies are mysterious, smoky and alluring enough to give it some intrigue — the thing not only warrants repeat listens but almost demands them as flipping the tape over from A to B and back again comes pretty naturally. It might have something to do with the beats themselves, as there’s enough textural variety to keep things interesting, not to mention the creative syncopation this tape is rife with. A heavy low-end keeps the album’s footing on the ground, but Pyramidal still manages a light, fluffy bounce to it that feels free and easy. There’s this one track I just have to mention also, and it’s called “My Old Radio,” second to last on side B. It’s just the bee’s knees, guys - the beat, the bent melody and glistening piano flourishes… I’ve caught myself rewinding it just for that one track alone, well worth the $5 price of admission ADT’s charging.


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