Celandine [CS; Digitalis]

In line with his recent string of Decimus LPs, Pat Murano and the rest of Raajmahal create gut-wrenching music of incredible merit. Unlike the unsteady din of Decimus and NNCK, Murano’s guitar is far more restrained — uneasily so. It’s a mournful processional throughout Celandine, as guitar notes and gentle echo match the timbre of Carla Backer’s weeping voice. This is cast-your-body-on-the-casket shades of slobbery meditation, though the Eastern influence finds Celandine resembling the overcrowded Ganges rather than a stuffy funeral plot. You’ll bathe in it alongside floating bodies, as they wade in centuries of bones, flesh, and sacrifice. I want to turn to ash with Raajmahal guiding me to eternal light…….

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