Rat Catching
Tristia [CS; Worthless]

So good to hear from Rat Catching again, but Tristia sees the solo outfit of Jennifer Melinn (Fedora Corpse Records) in an even more aggressive mode than where we left off with that full length LP on her label. It sounds to me like Melinn locked herself in a closet with a batch of corroded Mincemeat Or Tenspeed tapes, or bagged her synths and tossed them into the ocean and then retrieved and tried to play them. It would have been a lot easier to follow the Mudboy route so props to RC for not going there again. A more flame-breathing tape you will not hear outside the auspices of the metal hordes. Some of Sutekh Hexen’s barer, noisier drones even register, and don’t think “Pelts!” is surrendering a damn thing. What a goddamn scorcher Tristia, eloquent as the collection of Ovid elegiac couplets for which it was named, yet mean enough to break your arm.


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