Russell Walker & Dan Melchior
Walker/Melchior [7-inch; Kill Shaman]

Here’s one I probably shouldn’t be reviewing, given that I’m entirely new to both Dan Melchior and Russell Walker, two prolific musicians who have both been around the block many, many times (as is my understanding). But whatever, man, get off my back. I review records and tapes because I like good music, and that’s exactly what’s on this record, what I’m willing to call “Your official summer 7-inch.” I’ll admit that it’s the A side I want to recommend a little more here, for DJ go-to playability purposes mostly. It’s a lazy drive through a stretch of desert and 100 degree heat, convertible top down, sunglasses on, and cigarette fully lit. Walker’s nasally Brit-sneer croons over a cool bass line and slippery electric guitar noodling while a snapped two & four keeps the engine running. “I Could Sit Here Forever” on the B side is a melancholic mélange of bass, harmonium and stumbling guitar improvisations, swaying back and forth between a couple of chords to host some poetry that feels lost in its own melodies. Overall both sides combine as a shady serenade for the sweltering stupor that is July, 2014.

Links: Kill Shaman


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