Secret [10-inch; Joyful Noise]

What a thrill to see this great group get back together before it’s too late. The nifty Secret 10-inch (small run of green vinyl is already gone of course) is a teaser for an upcoming LP, but none of the tracks — I repeat — none of the tracks will be on the album I just so pertinently mentioned. You got me? You feel me? I fuckin’ hope so because I’m gettin’ all nostalgic hearing these tunes. I know that’s a dirty word but let’s just be honest about how magical it really is when a song, particularly one with heavenly jangly guitars, hits you and transports you back to more innocent times. One of life’s great pleasures, that, and while I was never a frickin’ Sebadoh freak by any means (strangely the Kids soundtrack houses my favorite non-Dinosaur Jr Barlow material, care of Folk Implosion/Deluxx Folk Implosion) I wasn’t immune to their charms then and I’m not now, particularly because the gorgeous “I Don’t Mind” and “All Kinds,” which both close out Side B, are two of the best Sebadoh cuts I’ve ever heard. It’s funny how non-lo-fi Sebadoh sound now that my daily audio regimen consists of 74-77 percent fuzz; shit who produced this, Bob Rock? But seriously, there’s nothing like Sebadoh, so don’t take them for granted this time. I know I won’t.


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