Shredded Nerve
Retention [7-inch; Torn Light]

Bothered by flying gnats and assailing pests? Try Retention by Shredded Nerve. Yes, Retention’s steady dose of metallic smacks and competitive wings-in-air repetition will be guaranteed to make you embrace the natural noises of your hovel. The water leaks, the mattress springs creak, and the boiler has a steely rattle that keeps you up at all hours. But with the patent pending technology of Shredded Nerve, those irritants will be exultations to the world’s quick demise. First it’s your home, then your city, and then finally the world! It will all become a bubbling crude in the cauldron of Shredded Nerve’s Retention. Learn to speak a new, as-yet founded language. Wield a jagged weapon and protect yourself from yourself. It’s all in available in this handy dandy 7-inch guide to losing touch with reality and embracing the madness.

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