Sigríður Níelsdóttir
Grandma Lo-Fi: The Basement Tapes Of Sigríður Níelsdóttir [CS; Hornbuckle]

In a growing epidemic of grandparents being cooler than you originally thought, Nana Sigríður Níelsdóttir created tape recorded gems starting at the age of 70 in her native Iceland. And though your Mamaw may be too busy playing Bingo or watching Papaw devour reruns of Matlock, truth is something fun festers inside her gardening bonnet. These whimsical home recordings present the most honest interpretations of pop music (and you’re only as old as you think you are). While I’m tempted to list off a bunch of American outsiders that you’re all too sick of hearing bandied about, let’s keep it simple because in reality Sigríður Níelsdóttir was her own popular cult figure in Iceland. 7 years and 59 albums before her second (third? forth?) career was finished, she had become a legend in her own right thanks to a Casio keyboard and a quaint voice. Now’s the time to pester your beloved grandparent about being the next Ariana Grande or Church Lady. Give ‘em this for Christmas and send them on their way to glory! But make sure concerts end by 4pm.

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