The Pen Test
Biology [7-inch; Moniker]

Damn, woke up late. No time to change, pajamas will have to suffice. If I run I can make the exam. It’s brisk out. Better open up Biology and do one last quick cram. Avoid the traffic, don’t give the hot co-ed a second look. Okay, maybe a second look. I wish every textbook had a cover as entrancing as Biology. So simple, so pretty. Maybe it’s why it was framed above my desk rather than opened. But I’m glad this rush has finally made me break it open. It’s an exquisite design of human body and motor skills. The electronic pulses match my heart rate as I race to class. The whirring synth mimics the hum of engines at the intersections. It’s as if this is conforming to my every action. Alright, made it to the door with a few minutes to spare. Forgot my pencil but I see this is a Pen Test, so I’m always prepared. The answers are filling in by themselves. I got this. Biology isn’t just course of study, it’s a way of life. Turns out I never left bed. My mind, not my feet, was racing. Through this, I can master all. I am evolved and Biology is no textbook but a life-giving obelisk that I bow to every morning.

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