Silver on Black [10-inch; Self-Released]

Silver on Black is deep. REAL DEEP. Not only does it perfectly capture the color scheme of the duo’s latest 10-inch, it swallows an entire sound in its viscous lacquer of psychedelic shoegazing mud stomp. “Special A” is a slow roller, the child of Jim Morrison and Bardo Pond wallowing in amniotic stasis. Clad in tight black leather against a rainbow background, it’s the soundtrack to every clichéd acid trip without pitiful Dead references. It strikes a balance between fragility and fear, no tablet on the tongue required. The 10-inch’s surprise comes in “Flowers Follow,” a Liverpudlian ode to the dark arts of black clothes and Joy Division sorrow. But Ttotals aren’t wrist cutters, their world vivid without white and red blood cells spilling out of porcelain flesh. Silver on Black is too bright a star to need drugs and violence to gain attention. You shouldn’t stare too hard or for too long, but you just… can’t… help… it.

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