Violent Change
Celebration of Taste [LP; Melters]

I’d like to think we’re all Velvet Underground somehow. That Reed and Warhol’s legacy wasn’t turning pop culture on its head but exposing it for what it really is 40 years ahead of the curve: everyone’s plaything. It goes beyond the 15 minutes of fame because that’s easy to accomplish with the wealth of reality programs and internet hoopla any ambitious spotlight hoarder drums up, but the notion that your imprint can be seen for years after you’ve long grown tired of participation in pop culture is of great strength and perhaps even a bit noble. Violent Change is not Kanye Kardashian levels of big ass and ego in wet cement but rather conduits to the legacies of those before them. A lo-fi, #nofilter, sea change of buzz clips and cancelled Jools Holland appearances. The transmissions from hallowed garages and hollowed crypts. You’ve heard this all before. But this isn’t a tribute. The truth is in the title: Celebration of Taste. It’s taken nigh 40 years for these static sounds to reach the surface of pop culture. There will always be some new fad or fashion to try to beat it back down, but it can’t be tamed any longer.

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