Vulgar Fashion
Vulgar Fashion [10-inch; Handmade Birds]

Another curveball from Handmade Birds in the form of a hot-pink-with-green-splatter 10-inch care of Vulgar Fashion, a dark/coldwave act with a catchy, witch-house way about them. The ’80s loom over everything, from the simplistic drumachine beats (if that’s not a machine hats off, lads/ladies) to the rhythmic come-ons of the singer, though this self-titled effort possesses a modern production sense. I think they’re talking about the pissing-on of faces during “Golden Showers” (natch!), if that interests you, but I’m all about “Night Yacht,” a cut with more feeling and an extremely addictive bass phrase. The peeps that will really find value in Vulgar Fashion are the Weird/Dark Entries set, though strangely I can imagine a day when they could rise from the indie ranks like, say, Beach House did. “Pact With the Devil” reminds me of where a lot of bands were going during the electroclash days, that semi-Trans Am, uptempo feel, while “Krystal Tearz,” on the other hand, is a sleepy ’80s single that never was. Nothing wrong with that at all.


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