White Void
We’re Falling [12-inch; Posh Isolation]

Frederik Lind Köppen runs a tight ship, fronting White Void while claiming membership in labelmates Communions. I’ve never heard the latter, but if his WV project is any indication, the man likes his highs high and his lows high. I hear bass guitar in “Going Downtown - Scaffold Martyrdom” because it’s the main ingredient of the composition; other than that, it’s all-treble, all-the-time, so make the proper adjustments to your system before throwing this 45 RPM platter on the ol’ carousel. From there, what you have is the answer to an eternal question: Sure, we know that you listen to Jesus & Mary Chain when you’re taking the subway home after a long night of drink/song and leaning your head against the window in a state of half-drunkenness, but what do Jesus & Mary Chain listen to when they’re taking the subway home after a long night of drink/song and leaning their heads against the window in a state of half-drunkenness? Probably We’re Falling. It might just be the most logical extension of Psychocandy out of thousands of attempts. Their guitars hit that lo-fi zone you can’t locate unless you know what buttons to push/knobs to twiddle, and Köppen’s vocals, doused in lighter-fluid effects, seem to ride over the top of the mix like streamers, clear and crisp yet druggy and disoriented. White Void isn’t a band to be trifled with. Köppen takes a formula that has served groups like, say, Little Girls marginally well and derive fresh, invigorated audio from it. You’ve heard this music before, but you’ve rarely heard it done so well.


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