Witch Gardens
R-I-P [7-inch; Water Wing]

I sifted through a huge pile to get to Witch Gardens, and I’m sticking with them for now. Totally different from the blasting punk I get bombarded with, more melody-based and playful. Jangly, pop-ridden, somewhat glorious is how I’d describe R-I-P in general, pointing in the general direction of K Records by dint of their minimal rhythms and guitar half-riffs. Man, even a hint of a let-down and it would be easy to write these ladies off, but they bring it front-to-back without breaking any picks. They hit you with a few sublime harmonies and from there on out it doesn’t even matter anymore; they’ve got your attention. I wasn’t at all surprised to find out WG hale from Seattle. They’ve got that aura to them for sure. I mentioned K but we’re also talking Offtempo and Funkytonk (as far as the Northwest) and a bevy of Seattle labels I don’t have time to knock out for you. Do the research and report back to me.


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