♫♪  Death Factory - “Angelica’s Reflection (slasher sequence)”

Upon waking up Monday morning, the first words out of my mouth were “they’re trying to kill me.”

“Who,” Z asked, “the beeps?” Our downstairs neighbors’ smoke detector needed new batteries.


“The mice?” Our cat had discovered a rodent leg wedged between our bedroom floor and the plyboard sealing off an old air conditioner duct. Upon closer inspection, the limb started twitching.

“No, work,” I answered. Nightmares come easy when there’s a real-life horror show running every weekday, from 8:30 to around 6. Gothic Marxist or not, Michael Krause aka Death Factory soundtracks the industrial hellscape of such drone work, with “Angelica’s Reflection (slasher sequence).” The monotony, the redundancy, the miserably outdated technology, the slow, painful torture: it’s all here.

“Angelica’s Reflection (slasher sequence)” appears on Nocturnal Dimension, Death Factory’s “first piece of vinyl, running the gamut of all he does, from harsh, long-form noise, to horror-inspired themes, to krautrock/minimal-style extrapolations,” says Wm. Berger, whose Prison Tatt Records will be releasing the LP sometime in the next few months. If you’re looking for some more Death Factory sounds to hold you over until then, check out Chilling Impressions (2011), Maschinen Unter Kontrolle (2012) and Invisible Aggressor (2014).

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